• Agnes S. Nagy CUJAE, CIME
  • Alicia Polanco Risquet
  • Daniel Henrríquez Rodríguez
  • Omar Carralero Ibargollen
  • Osmanys Martínez de la Cotera Garciga


Contaminación ambiental, medición de variables medioambientales, redes inalámbricas de sensores.


Environmental pollution is one of the biggest global problems affecting human health. The World Public Health Organization annually publishes a report with global estimates on exposure to air pollution and its impact on health, where it notified that of every nine deaths one is due to the exposure of pollution of air indoor and outdoor environments. For these reasons, the development of systems to monitor air quality, both outdoors and indoors, is currently the subject of much research. This paper presents two wireless sensor networks for monitoring air pollutant gases in two different scenarios; one for the outside, another for closed enclosures. For each scenario, the network requirements are established taking into account the particular characteristics of each scenario and the practical utility of the measurement results, the architecture derived from there to meet the requirements, the components used for its construction and the results obtained after its implementation.


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Author Biography

Agnes S. Nagy, CUJAE, CIME

Profesora Auxiliar del CIME/CUJAE. Graduada en 1972 de Licenciada en Física en la Universidad de La Habana, Master en Electrónica del Estado Sólido. CIME/CUJAE 1982, Doctor en Ciencias Técnicas CIME/CUJAE, 1998. Desde el año 2006 es Académica Titular de la Academia de Ciencias de Cuba.



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S. Nagy, A., Polanco Risquet, A., Henrríquez Rodríguez, D., Carralero Ibargollen, O., & Martínez de la Cotera Garciga, O. (2020). MEASUREMENT OF ENVIROMENTAL VARIABLES IN DIFFERENT SCENARIOS. Telemática, 19(1), 22–31. Retrieved from