• José Rafael Sandianes Galvez Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana
  • Ana Julia Marine Lopez Ministerio de Comunicaciones
  • Lányer Pérez Garlobo Instituto Técnico Militar
  • Yoandri Marín González Instituto Técnico Militar "José Martí"


The radio communications systems are affected by abnormal refractive conditions of propagation, which cause affectations to their availability. The regularity of appearance of the previously mentioned phenomena in our climatic area is very high, as well as the incidence of the degradation of mobile communications services. The objective of the present work consists of the possibility of detection of anomalies in the gradient of the refractive index of the troposphere using RTWP (Receive Total Wide Band Power) data is founded. The analysis is based on a statistical correlation study between the maximum daily level of interferences in RTWP base stations, reported by UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) technology cells, and two sources of tropospheric duct parameters. In the first case, Key West's sounding station reports are used; in the second place, the data of re-analyses the ERA5 system. In the same way, these results correlate with the reports of the detection of external operator's signals compiled by the National Center of Spectrum Control. The results of the comparison of interference signals received, and tropospheric ducting detection are satisfactory and prove the capacity of the network to reflect the phenomenon under investigation.


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Author Biographies

José Rafael Sandianes Galvez, Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana

Profesor del Departamento de Telecomunicaciones y Telemática. Doctor en Ciencias Técnicas, Profesor Titular

Ana Julia Marine Lopez, Ministerio de Comunicaciones

Vice ministra del Ministerio de Comunicaciones, Ingeniero, Master en Ciencias

Lányer Pérez Garlobo, Instituto Técnico Militar

Profesor, Ing en Radiocomunicaciones, Doctor en Ciencias Técnicas

Yoandri Marín González, Instituto Técnico Militar "José Martí"

Profesor, Ingeniero en Radiocomunicaciones, Doctor en Ciencias Técnicas


2023-05-24 — Updated on 2023-05-24

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Sandianes Galvez, . J. R., Marine Lopez, A. J. ., Pérez Garlobo, L. ., & Marín González, Y. . (2023). USING THE MOBILE NETWORK FOR TROPOSPHERIC DUCTING DETECTION. Telemática, 21(4). Retrieved from

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