Announcement: Open Science Policy


Dear users of the journal Telemática,

As part of its continuous improvement, the journal, Telemática updates its review process making use of the good practices of open science communication in the policies, management, and editorial operation according to SciELO regulations. This is in favor of transparency and communication of research; cooperation among researchers, reproducibility, and reusability of research content. These new criteria are based on three dimensions:

Inclusion of the preprint modality (preprint) in the scientific communication flow: authors will be able to submit papers to the journal Telematica after publication on preprint servers. Among these servers, the journal Telematica will accept papers previously published on
The exchange of data, codes, methods and other materials used and resulting from research. This is relative to the contents (codes, descriptions) that are developed during the research. As an additional option, the journal offers to make such content available in open access in accordance with open data policies.
The progressive opening of the peer review process: The review process will not be double-blind (overridden by the variant of acceptance of preprint articles). Reviewers will have access to authors' metadata. Reviewers will also have the possibility to identify themselves to the authors and exchange correspondence with them during the review process. In addition, the name(s) of the editor(s) responsible for the evaluation will be published in the final article and there will be the option to publish the approval opinions of the articles with or without the identification of the reviewers (opinions are treated similarly to research articles).

Yours sincerely,

Editorial Board

Telemática Journal

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