Lesly Núñez Jarrosay


In recent years, information technologies have evolved exponentially, the trend towards computerization and the connectivity of all kinds of objects has marked a milestone in the development of this age. But unfortunately on many occasions security management systems have been stagnant in the past. The following work describes the trends of today's digital society and the lack of security systems that are used with respect to the characteristics demanded by the progress in the computerization process. It explains how the most complete solutions such as Security Information and Events Management systems, today require an update that allows them to manage the large volume of data generated in modern networks. Requirements such as big data management, the need for machine learning, the requirement that these systems develop an User and Entity Behavior Analytics are described, also how each of these concepts increase the reliability of the security information that gets from the applications that use them. It also presents the principles that have been adopted for the development of a new generation security platform that ensures a higher success rate in the detection and prevention of increasingly sophisticated threats that arise and develop from the Evolution of the digital age.


Ciberseguridad; era digital; BIG DATA; SIEM


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